Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

Study options

A broad range of options are available for graduate studies. Each programme is specifically tailored to provide the best education with internationally recognised researchers and cutting edge laboratory equipment and facilities.

Postgraduate Certificate in Engineering (Plastics) 
This programme is designed to be completed through part-time study for students in fulltime industry employment.

Postgraduate Certificate in Light Metals Reduction Technology 
Teaching advanced concepts in Chemical and Materials Engineering specific to the lights metals reduction technology, especially aluminium.

Master of Engineering 
This programme is a fully research based degree in one of the nine engineering specialisations available.

Master of Engineering Studies (MEngSt) 
A programme of specified courses in either a general engineering or specialist option. Some options can include a research project. 

MEngSt Food Process Engineering 
This specialist option for the Master of Engineering studies is available as both research or course-based study.

MEngSt Light Metals Reduction Technology 
An advanced programme targeted at the international light metals industry, primarily the aluminum industry.

MEngSt Plastics 
Extending studies of plastics materials and processing through completion of projects in specialised areas of the plastics industry

Doctor of Philosophy 
A programme of extensive, advanced study and independent research that is carried out under qualified supervision.