Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

Why study chemical and materials engineering at the University of Auckland?

Here are some of the reasons why we think you should study with us.

Our degree is broader than traditional chemical engineering courses.

  • With chemical process engineering (eg. chemical, biochemical, food processing), materials is incorporated into the degree (eg. metals, ceramics, biomaterials).
  • This broadens career opportunities available to graduates.

An established degree is accredited by professional institutes in New Zealand and overseas.

  • Accredited by IPENZ (Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand).
  • Accredited by IChemE (Institute of Chemical Engineers), London, UK.

Students learn about engineering in their first year

  • Students take engineering papers offered by all engineering departments in their first year.
  • This differs from some universities where first year engineering students will take general science subjects (similar to Year 13).

Top teachers and researchers in the department

  • Our academic staff consistently rank amongst the top teachers in the Faculty of Engineering.
  • The University of Auckland in New Zealand’s top research university.
  • Students will work on projects with world-class researchers in our department as part of their degree.

A diverse student body

  • Our students (and staff) come from New Zealand and overseas; it is a multicultural department.
  • Female students are well-represented; 30% of chemical and materials engineering students are female. compared with 20% of engineering students across all departments at The University of Auckland.